Meet Jake Munday and his right-hand man, Baloo

Jake Munday is the quintessential entrepreneur. Investing early into the social media world, Jake has since put his hand to a number of different businesses, including Pearly Whites, Magic Carwash and many, many more.

While he busily works away on his projects, Baloo accompanies him with each email sent and phone call made. We strongly believe behind every good business owner there’s a loyal dog.

Name: Baloo
Breed: French Bulldog
Favourite toy: Socks! He will always somehow find a sock and bring it to you and bark until you throw it!
Bad habit: Farting… They stink! And sleeping on the bed – he has to be leaning up against your leg or back
Special trick: Hi five!
Favourite treat: Boss Burger chicken, ice-cream or milk!
What’s your favourite thing about Baloo? My favourite thing about Baloo is going for a walk – he doesn’t need a lead, he will listen to me, run ahead, stop etc
What do you have in common? Farting… Jokes! We both love a morning stroll to our local Geelong West Social Club to get a morning coffee. And we both love a good tender medium rare steak!
How would you describe his personality in three words: Loving, loyal, stubborn
What’s a funny story about Baloo? When he was younger (like 6 months old) I took him to CQ on the waterfront for some drinks on the balcony with some friends. After sometime the security came out and said sorry no dogs allowed up here… One of my mates quickly answered, “it’s a wombat,” and the security guard was like “oh, ok…” It all seemed fine, until the next minute when the DJ comes out and asks where the wombat is! He was let down when he discovered it was really a dog…


You can find Baloo on Instagram.

Images by contributor Hannah from On the Decorative Fringe

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