How to… organise your business with One Day P.A.

There is no real definition of a personal concierge, but if you were to describe one, Lou Hammer comes to mind. With over 15 years experience in executive support, marketing and events, the local powerhouse streamlined her skills to assist anyone who needs it.

We sat down with Lou, the owner of one of Geelong’s leading lifestyle management companies, One Day P.A., and gathered some organisational tips for entrepreneurs and small businesses!


What are some of the day-to-day services One Day P.A provides to their clients? 

One Day P.A. exists to give people back their precious time, by taking care of all the tasks on their to-do list, which they keep telling themselves they’ll get to “one day.”

No matter how big or small the job, if it’s legal and ethical we’ll get it done! In saying that, the most popular tasks that my team and I manage on a day-to-day basis are:

·   In-home professional organisation (decluttering + styling)

·   Event planning for milestone birthdays, christenings and corporate    functions

·   Co-ordinating tradespeople which includes the tireless task of making sure they  turn up!

·   Errand running; picking up dry-cleaning, Aus-Post parcels, groceries etc.

·  Re-sale of preloved clothing via our sister business One Day Market

We also support a number of business owners by taking care of tasks such as:

·  Creating filing systems

·  Social media management

·  Client birthday, Christmas and anniversary cards

·  Organise client/staff Christmas gifts

·  Organise business trip itineraries, including flights, hotels, hire cars

·  Plan and organise team building + end of year events

·  General administrative support

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What are some of the organisational pitfalls small businesses and entrepreneurs can fall into? Can these pitfalls have a serious detriment on a business?

Over commitment! Small business owners often have to “wear all the hats.”
You’re the Administration Officer/Marketing Manager/Social Media Expert/Bookkeeper/Logistics Manager and the list goes on. If not managed properly, then yes this can be very detrimental to business growth – and burnout, both mentally and physically, can occur very quickly.

Do you have any tips on how to overcome those? 

Less is more. Re-evaluate what critical tasks need to be done and concentrate on those. You will find immense value in outsourcing your weaknesses. It can be quite a daunting prospect having to pay someone else, however the five hours you spent doing data entry would only take a professional two – giving you back crucial hours which would have been better spent building your business.

As a small business yourself, do you find yourself ever struggling with these – perhaps when you were first starting out?

Hahahahaha! YES! I’d be lying if I said I started out and hit the ground running with my time perfectly managed, all procedures written up and the business flowing as nicely as the Nile River.

This was not the case though, and given that One Day P.A. & sister business, One Day Market, grew at a rate I never envisaged, I quickly realised I needed help. So I hired my first “unicorn” (aka person who can do it all) and I gained back more hours each week to focus on my business development. This resulted in my business skyrocketing again and now I have found myself with five unicorns and a third business about to launch.

If there is one thing all entrepreneurs and small businesses should be organised in, what would it be?  

Time management! This includes proper planning. A lot of people think of time management as a really difficult habit to acquire, however you only need to adopt a few very basic habits into each day to stay on track:


Last words of advice?

If it doesn’t bring a smile to your dial, then don’t do it – delegate or ditch it! Life is too short, and our time is too valuable to be spent doing the things that don’t add value to you both professionally and personally.

You can find One Day P.A. online, on Instagram and on Facebook.

Images supplied by Lou Hammer.

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