Meet Baked by Jess’ four-legged friend Max

With a home that smells year round of freshly baked cupcakes and biscuits, Baked by Jess’ home is surely a magical place to live. Working from home, Jess’ main companion is her cute sausage dog, Max – however he never sets foot in the kitchen. We strongly believe behind every good business owner is a loyal dog, just like Max.
Name: Max
Breed: Sausage Dog
Favourite toy: His squeaky donut
Bad habit: Barking at everything!!
Special trick: He is too disobedient for tricks.
Favourite treat: Dental sticks from the local groomer!
What’s your favourite thing about Max? He is my side kick! We are seriously inseparable!
What do you have in common? Our favourite thing in the world is food.
How would you describe his personality in three words: Sassy, loyal and amusing.
Funniest moment with Max? He has little dog syndrome, and across the street he will be barking and trying to take on any other dogs, but if they come over he gets scared.
You can follow Jess’ adventure on Instagram.
Images taken by the amazing Hannah from On the Decorative Fringe.
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