We speak with Hayley O’Donnell from Our Satellite Hearts

Grape Agate, Hemimorphite, Elestial Amethyst… These are some of the raw crystals that greet you upon entry of the “little space of love in flight,” Our Satellite Hearts website. 

Hayley O’Donnell, the dreamer behind this little shop that could, fell in love with crystals years ago. 

“What sparked my interest in crystals was having my first reading with a local lady, Isabel Fopiani. She gifted me a crystal and I got more and more interested, as I felt I had exhausted all other options to help me at the time,” says Hayley. 

“Just that idea that it’s a tool to change your thinking from, ‘nothing can help me,’ to ‘oh! This is going to help me with this,’ you put in a lot of hope and it just changes your thinking from negative to positive.” 

The popularity of these geometric formations has grown exponentially in mainstream culture over the past few years, with people of all ages and walks of life falling in love with these conduits of energy. 


A perch upon the inviting royal purple velvet couch in the heart of the James St store, will show a varying customer base trickle in – evidence that crystals are the new currency. 

“I’ve wanted this place to feel really inclusive for everybody,” says Hayley. 

“I definitely wanted it to feel like you were shopping in Westfield – like no intimidation, just that it was fun and that you could be a part of it.” 

There’s no doubt that Our Satellite Hearts is an inviting space, with every corner a perfect shot for the ‘gram’. 

Space lights, polished concrete speckled with glitter, feathered greenery and stand-alone sinks filled with rose quartz and amethysts adorn the space.

Throw in their reputable neon signs and that lush purple velvet couch, it’s all perfectly curated – yet not forced – like it all just fell into place with no effort at all. 


So how did this small business owner turn her love for collecting into a fully-fledged community? 

“I never intended to start a shop,” says Hayley. 

“I was just really obsessed with collecting crystals and I was getting more and more interested. I was thinking that I would just start an online store with some of the more special pieces, almost collectible – but affordable.”

But after a push from her friend and local business owner, Hilary Holmes, within a week Hayley found herself with a small shopfront. From there, most of her business generated from her personal Instagram account – which had a decent enough following to get the word out. 

10,000 Instagram followers and a shop move later, Our Satellite Hearts is thriving with the business opened most days, workshops available and a private community set up on facebook (#OSHWITCHGANG) that anyone can join.  

“From the feedback I get, people really wanted a place like this,” says Hayley. 

“I have people come from Bendigo, Ballarat, Melbourne… Even people interstate who have seen it on Instagram.” 

Whilst the shop has expanded housing books, body products, homewares, candles and more, crystals underpin the foundations of Our Satellite Hearts. And for those that are skeptical, well, Hayley says this… 

“One of the big things I like to remind people is that they’re already the magic, these things are just little tools to help.” 

You can find out more about Our Satellite Hearts on their Website, Facebook and Instagram.

Written by Caitlin Haddad

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