Lee Stamps on how to be the brand of your business

I am a brand in a brand in a brand. I am Leonardo DiCaprio in Inception. I represent Krock. I represent Krock’s The Departure Lounge. I’m Stampsy from Krock Geelong and I am Stampsy away from my 9 to 6 job, when I’m emcee hosting or writing for a Geelong magazine.

I represent a business’ brand. I am also a brand that the radio station employs and an employable brand away from the microphone. I’m a radio identity, a social media identity and feature contributor. I’m also a Gemini. You now have an insight into how I can be a multi-tasking machine, and how I can also lose track of what day of the week it is.

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Over the years I’ve worked on developing a brand and crafting the execution of that brand. I’m constantly working on developing the brand as time and social media evolves. Whether you write a blog, own a small retail business or supply a service or trade, you need to actively work on your brand. You need to ask yourself, why you? Why should active and passive consumers purchase from you or invest time and money in you and your business? You also need to address the needs of the client as their life and circumstances change. A brand is WHO you are and WHAT you can do.

Here are some thought starters and areas I focus on for myself and within my workspace.

  • Be Authentic – your audience will see through your spin. Being yourself is easier to sell and easier to maintain. I am a deep thinker. I am also irreverent and often speak before I think. However, I have clarity in my core values and I am focused on who you are and what you stand for. Your authenticity will warm you to your audience and connect you to your followers and clients.
  • Collaborate – right now this is your current marketing BFF. This will grow your audience authentically while expanding your clientele who align with your brand and ethos. Discover people and concepts that align with your brands belief and work together to strengthen your vision.
  • Continue to learn and ask questions – I’ve worked in commercial radio for 15 years, so I understand technology is changing weekly, if not daily. I attended workshops that look at connecting on multimedia platforms and study how business reach can now be personalised. Hello Google analytics! Approach companies and brands who are achieving results you aspire in reaching. Ask for insight and advice to help you reach positive results.
  • Network and stay connected – I’ll email contacts just to ask how their event went or how their birthday weekend was. I will call my representative at a record company (I’m the Music Director at Krock) and discuss how they are and how they are progressing with their role and their business. I talk to them as a person, not as the salesperson. I set the tone for how I want to be treated and what my brand can do for them and support them. It is not just about the financials. The money pays the bills, the relationship builds the business and delivers further opportunity. I reply to messages on my social media because I want to be personable and accessible. It will install trust in your clients and your brand.
  • Remove yourself – you need to have a group of people who you trust and will give you honest and constructive feedback. You will always be biased and believe “EVERYTHING IS AWESOME” (Thank you Lego Movie). You will always protect your feeling and your personal projects from hurt and that will hurt your brand’s growth. You will be stuck in a repetitive cycle because you aren’t getting the feedback you need to grow. Within your circle, include an unofficial business partner, a mentor and a cheerleader. They will give you a more well-rounded expectation of how you are doing and when you need to pick up the pace.
  • You are a package deal – walk the talk and be honest with yourself and your brand. First impressions last, so put your honest and best self psychically and emotionally forward. How you look and how you react and respond are all as important as each other. Plan your brand just like you would plan your marketing budget and check in regularly.


You cannot set and forget. Trends change. The way we consume information shifts. If you do not invest time into your brand, it will not evolve, and you will be left behind. You will be forgotten. Next time, I’ll share how I decided on my brand and how it’s evolved over my time in radio.

Written by Lee ‘Stampsy’ Stamps.

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