Harriet Birrell and her sidekick Fred

In amongst Harriet Birrell’s photos of delicious treats, sustainable wares and inspiring landscapes, you’ll often spot her furry sidekick, Fred. The Koolie x Border Collie isn’t much help in the garden (he’s often looking for rabbits) or in taking photos, but he’s certainly great at posing for them!

We strongly believe behind every good business owner is a loyal dog, just like Fred.

Name: Fred or Freddy
Age: Nearly four years old
Breed: Koolie x Border Collie
Tricks: He knows shake and hi-five, we taught him those pretty quickly. He can also open doors and uses door handles. He watched me doing it and eventually did it himself!
What’s your favourite thing about Fred? His goofy nature. He is a total crack up and our family and friends often agree! There are some pretty hilarious clumsy moments. He appears to love everyone – every human and every dog. I have seen him lick a sheep on the nose and watched him see a cow and then go and retrieve one of his toys to take it to them.
What do you have in common? The goofy-ness probably. Haha and the clumsiness!
How would you describe his personality in three words: Goofy, loveable and calm (most of the time).
Funny stories: He’s done so many funny things! He often likes to lick sheep on the nose and he’ll be asleep upside down and the sheep will just walk right passed him. Just his nature is quite hilarious. Recently he got a bin lid stuck on his head. He went and put his head into a bin with a flip lid in the middle of the night. He was investigating and went back to bed wearing the lid like a cone. Frasier woke up and Fred trotted up to him with it on his head. He didn’t even complain!
If he was a person… I think he’d be a goofy clown that you’d laugh at, not with.
Favourite treat: All food!
Favourite toy: He had a toy pig called Kevin that he didn’t destroy. Anything that squeaks he’ll rip to shreds, except Kevin. So Kevin kind of came and lived with him for a while. But he’s more attached to people, he’s a people dog. He’ll go up to people on the beach and want pats and hugs.

Fred often appears in photos on the Natural Harry Instagram and Facebook page. You can find out more about Harriet’s business here.

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